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The skyline of Austin, TX

I’d Like to Write the World Some Docs @ Longhorn PHP 2023

In the before times, I was fortunate enough to have been invited to talk about automated testing at Longhorn PHP 2019. During my trip, I walked around Austin, dined with friends, drank in a Whole Foods, and had a blast doing karaoke.

They were simpler times. Better times.

While my memories of 2019 set a high bar, I’m going to try to have an even better time this year while I talk about documentation at Longhorn PHP 2023!

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The Ledyard Building in Grand Rapids, Michigan

I’d Like to Write the World Some Docs @ Beer City Code 2017

Grand Rapids is one of my hands-down favorite cities in Michigan, and I’m absolutely bummed that I haven’t been there since I spoke at WordCamp Grand Rapids a few years ago. Luckily, that’s about to change, as I’ve been invited to give I’d Like to Write the World Some Docs this June at Beer City Code 2017.

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Two new talks at Lone Star PHP

This spring, I head south to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for my first Lone Star PHP conference, where I’ll be premiering two new talks: Computers <3 Structured Data and I’d Like to Write the World Some Docs.

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