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8 Highlights from Engineering @ Growella

If you recall, I launched the Engineering @ Growella blog at the beginning of 2017. Since then, I’ve been publishing at least once a week on that blog, but this site has been neglected as a result, which is unfortunate.

I’m very proud of the content that’s being published on the Engineering @ Growella blog, however, so I thought I’d take a moment to highlight some of the better pieces from the last two months.

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A pack of elephants bathing and drinking at a watering hole

Review: Building Exceptional Sites with WordPress & Thesis

While I was in St. Louis for php[tek], php[architect] announced the release of their latest book, Building Exceptional Sites with WordPress and Thesis┬áby┬áPeter MacIntyre. php[architect]’s Editor-in-Chief, Oscar Merida, asked if I’d be willing to read through the new book and offer my thoughts, and I quickly accepted; not only have I been looking forward to meeting Peter in-person (he’s one of the organizers of Northeast PHP, where I’ll be speaking in early August), but the book’s forward was written by my close friend and mentor, Eric Mann.

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The Direction of the Blog in 2015

Since starting at 10up, I’ve been spending more and more time writing on this personal blog. It could be that I don’t have any real obligation to write for a company blog (Buckeye was small enough that I felt a sense of “well, if I don’t write for the blog, Tori will be the only one!), or the increased visibility through my new network of friends and colleagues.

More likely, the daily exposure to Eric Mann, who is an advocate for regular blogging and had a streak of 365 consecutive days of blog posts in 2014 is to blame (if in doubt, blame Eric). I’ve also been reading Chris Lema’s excellent blog, which just makes me feel like a slacker by comparison.

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The December 2014 cover of php[architect] magazine

Published in php[architect] Magazine

In case you missed it yesterday, my article, Advanced Sites Deserve Advanced Custom Fields, has been published in the December issue of php[architect]. This marks my first feature-length magazine article!

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Welcome to the new blog!

Since launched over two years ago I’ve toyed with the idea of adding a blog. When I really got going with WordPress, I felt like I had even less of an excuse. Now, to correspond with a complete refresh of the site, I’m proud to announce the blog.

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