Steve Grunwell

Open-source contributor, speaker, and electronics tinkerer


I’m Steve, and I love building tools to help people build better software.

By day, I’m a Staff Software Engineer at Mailchimp, building out the tools to make everyone’s favorite marketing platform even better.

PHP is my bread-and-butter, and I love building out SaaS and other products using Laravel. I’m also a WordPress plugin author and core contributor, but my real passion is building code quality tools; it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I’ve spent a lot of time working with CI/CD pipelines and all of the tooling that gets run as part of them.

I’m also a regular conference speaker (or at least was, pre-pandemic), so you may have met me at any number of PHP, WordPress, or other software-related events.

When I’m not working, you can typically find me out on ridiculously-long walks, hanging out with my family, or in the basement making music and/or guitar pedals.

Be excellent to each other.