Steve Grunwell

Open-source contributor, speaker, and coffee snob


I’m a graduate of Bowling Green State University, currently residing in Columbus, OH with my wife Kim, daughter Emily, and our dog Shelby. During my junior year of college, I started a video internship at Sea Lion Studio, a local media production shop, that soon turned into a full-time job.

It was at Sea Lion that I first learned the powerful combination of PHP, MySQL, and standards-compliant XHTML and CSS markup. Updating a range of client sites (and building a few from the ground up) gave me the opportunity to hone my skills, try out new techniques, and learn from previous developers’ accomplishments and defeats.

In the summer of 2010, Kim and I moved from Bowling Green back to my hometown of Columbus, OH where I found work as a developer at Fahlgren Mortine, a big-time marketing agency nestled in the heart of Easton Town Center. Under the guidance of Matt Jones, I learned responsible coding, how to use version control (and deploy applications through it), basic system administration, and (his favorite topic) why Rails is awesome-sauce.

At the end of 2012 I joined Buckeye Interactive as a senior developer. Buckeye Interactive is a big proponent of open-source software and we’re encouraged to give back what we can to the community. With this support, I’ve released a couple WordPress plugins, a Laravel application, and started speaking at conferences and meet-ups. In June of 2013 I even got to attend the National Day of Civic Hacking at the White House, where I released the We The People WordPress plugin.

I spent two years at 10up, one of the top design and development consultancies in the world; starting as a Senior Web Engineer, I served as an Engineering Manager for a few months (before restructuring made EMs cease to exist), and achieved the title of Lead Web Engineer by the time I left in late 2014. During my tenure, I was not only working on some major publishers’ sites, but doing so on a distributed team made up of some of the biggest names in WordPress.

After a short stint as Director of Technology at Cincinnati-based startup Growella, I joined Liquid Web working on the Managed WordPress platform. Now I spend my days focused on improving the user experience and pushing the capabilities of WordPress for thousands of users.

In my free time (when I’m not reading web development blogs, absorbing technical manuals, or mapping out database table relations), I enjoy photography, playing guitar, watching TV, and tinkering with tech projects.

I occasionally blog about technology, usually focused on particular techniques, workflows, software, or the general programming lifestyle. Also, coffee (because you – or at least I – can never have enough coffee).


Be excellent to each other.