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Getting started with testing at Longhorn PHP 2019!

To my knowledge, Longhorn PHP was the only new PHP community conference in the US that I didn’t get to speak at last year — I was fortunate enough to speak at PHP Detroit (Detroit), Southeast PHP (Nashville), Cascadia PHP (Portland), and WavePHP (San Diego). In fact, I haven’t been outside of an airport in Texas since the final Lone Star PHP (the spiritual predecessor to Longhorn PHP) in 2017. That’s but one reason I’m excited to announce that I’ll be giving my Testing Like You’ve Never Tested Before (Because You Haven’t) talk at Longhorn PHP 2019!

Testing Like You’ve Never Tested Before (Because You Haven’t)

This talk really seems to be making the rounds this year, and if you’re not already writing automated tests…well, there’s no time like the present!

Testing software in an automated fashion is one of the best ways to guarantee quality, reduce bugs, and prevent regressions in our code, and is a prerequisite to operating in a Continuous Integration environment. Unfortunately, the most difficult parts of testing come right at the beginning: scaffolding a test suite and writing our very first tests. For those who are new to automated testing, these hurdles can prove overwhelming.

This talk covers the fundamentals of testing, in a beginner-friendly way. We’ll discuss how testing makes software better, the various levels of the Automation Pyramid, how to scaffold some basic unit and integration tests, and discuss the characteristics of great tests.

This conference is especially exciting to me as I’ve become friends with several of the organizers through our own speaking adventures — not only do I get to visit one of the coolest cities in the country, but I get to enjoy it with some of my favorite people in the PHP community. If you’re able, I hope you come join us!

Event details

Longhorn PHP 2019
Commons Learning Center
The J. Neils Thompson Commons Building (TCB), #137
10100 Burnet Road
Austin, TX 78758 May 2 – 4, 2019

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