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Keeping WordPress Under [Version] Control at WordCamp Grand Rapids

Learn how to keep your WordPress sites under version control using a git workflow refined over dozens of sites. We’ll cover repository organization, what belongs (and, perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t belong), and how to make deploying updates and working with multiple environments as painless as possible.

Please note that this presentation is not an introduction to Git nor version control. While Git experience is not mandatory it’s recommended that you have some understanding of version control going into the talk.

Exact scheduling is still being worked out, please visit WordCamp Grand Rapids for exact dates/times and to purchase a ticket. Slides for this presentation are available on Github.


A recording from this presentation is available on

Event details

WordCamp Grand Rapids
GVSU Pew Campus
401 Fulton St. W
Grand Rapids, MI 49504 August 15, 2014

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