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Two new talks at Lone Star PHP

This spring, I head south to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for my first Lone Star PHP conference, where I’ll be premiering two new talks: Computers <3 Structured Data and I’d Like to Write the World Some Docs.

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Building for the PHP Command Line Interface @ CodeMash 2017

From the day I began speaking at conferences, I’ve joked that CodeMash is my “white whale”; a seemingly unobtainable speaking position, as the conference attracts some of the brightest developers not just in Ohio, but from all over the world.

I attended my first CodeMash in January of 2013 at the recommendation of my mentor, Matt Jones. I had just started at Buckeye Interactive, and I was ready to soak in as much knowledge as possible. Over subsequent years, CodeMash has become the gold standard of what I feel a multi-disciplinary conference should be, and this year I finally get my chance to speak.

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Building for the PHP Command Line Interface @ Nomad PHP

On my way to #10upSummit, Mr. Cal Evans reached out and asked if I’d be interested in giving my “Building for the PHP Command Line Interface” talk at December’s Nomad PHP (EU Chapter) Meetup. “Me?”, I asked, “giving a talk to an international audience?” Yes, please!

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Two Talks @ php[world] 2016

Apparently it’s a two talk kind of year, as I’ve been accepted to speak at php[world] this November in Washington, D.C. with two new talks.

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Two Talks @ Northeast PHP 2016

Continuing my streak of double conference talks, I’ll be giving two this August at Northeast PHP in Charlottetown, PE (Canada). Not only will this be my first time speaking at Northeast PHP, this will be my first international conference!

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Building for the PHP Command Line Interface @ Columbus PHP

Ahead of officially premiering “Building for the PHP Command Line Interface” at php[tek] 2016, I’ll be doing a trial run at the local Columbus PHP meetup group this month..

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Two New Talks @ php[tek] 2016

This May, I’ll be presenting two brand new talks at php[tek] in St. Louis. This will be my first time speaking at php[tek], so I’m extremely excited to get to present two brand new talks: Professional Development, Professional Developers and Building for the PHP Command Line Interface!

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php[world] 2014

I’ll be giving two talks at the inaugural php[world] conference, organized by the php[architect] team this fall in Washington, D.C. I’m humbled to be speaking alongside a bunch of great developers, including WordPress Lead Developer Andrew Nacin and Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel.

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Quick Tip: Set the Default Display Name for WordPress Users

I started work on a new WordPress site this morning and, after creating a couple of users, quickly got bored manually setting each user’s nickname and display_name properties in order to display authors as “firstname lastname.” I found a few forum posts in the WordPress support forums for “how do I automatically set the display name for WordPress users?” that had partial answers but no real solutions. Then I stumbled on this article by Rares Cosma that had just what I needed.

Rares’ solution uses the user_register WordPress action hook, which gets triggered when a new user account is registered. I modified his original version, streamlined it a bit, and applied the ‘firstname lastname’ pattern to both the display name and the nickname attribute.

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Elmer’s Science Fair

The Elmer’s Science Fair Facebook application allowed Facebook users who had liked the Elmer’s page to submit photos, either through direct upload or from their Facebook albums, of their children’s science fair projects for the chance to win a trip to Washington D.C.

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