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Two Talks @ php[world] 2016

Apparently it’s a two talk kind of year, as I’ve been accepted to speak at php[world] this November in Washington, D.C. with two new talks.

Up to my Eyeballs in Technical Debt!

Every decision we make in our projects has the potential to increase or reduce technical debt. While the only way to completely eliminate the debt is to never write any code, there are steps that we as engineers, project managers, and project stakeholders can take to mitigate our risk.

This talk covers the concept of technical debt, its potential to devastate projects, and red flags that project teams can look for to reduce its impact before it spirals out of control.

Understanding WordPress Actions and Filters

The Plugin API enables plugin and theme developers to hook into WordPress and run at a specific time, but to those new to the platform it can be a lot to wrap their heads around. This presentation is designed for WordPress developers–both new and old–who are ready to do things “The WordPress Way.” Topics include registering and triggering hooks for both actions and filters, managing priorities, and de-registering hooks from other sources.

If you haven’t been out to php[world] before, I highly recommend it. I was fortunate to get to speak at the inaugural event, but missed it last year in order to, you know, not abandon my wife with our newborn. I’m excited to return to D.C. (one of my favorite cities) and see all of my friends from the PHP community. If you’re able, please join us this November!

Event details

Sheraton Premiere at Tyson’s Corner
8661 Leesburg Pike
Tysons Corner, VA, 22182 November 17, 2016

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