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Quick Tip: JavaScript Resize Timer

I wanted to share a little trick that I use a lot when building responsive sites that can be a huge help for your front-end performance, which I call the “resize timer”:

Imagine the following scenario: you have a series of horizontally-aligned boxes on your page, which should be equal height. Of course, this is easy to pull off with Flexbox, but browser support isn’t exactly where we want it just yet. Use it where you can, of course, but you might still need a JavaScript-based fallback for older browsers.

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Using jScrollPane with jQuery UI Draggable

An application that I’ve been working on recently makes heavy use of the jQuery UI library, particularly the draggable, sortable, and droppable modules. Users need to be able to sort a list of locations by dragging them within a fairly confined space. Since the area containing the list items has a fixed size, scrollbars appear when the list exceeds the bounds of the pane.

Normally, $.draggable( { scroll: true } ); is enough to get jQuery UI to work with the native browser scrollbars. For this particular project, the design called for custom scrollbars, which led me to Kelvin Luck’s jScrollPane jQuery plugin. Unfortunately, while jScrollPane allows us to style scrollbars however we wish, they doesn’t behave exactly like those native to the browser.

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Elmer’s Science Fair

The Elmer’s Science Fair Facebook application allowed Facebook users who had liked the Elmer’s page to submit photos, either through direct upload or from their Facebook albums, of their children’s science fair projects for the chance to win a trip to Washington D.C.

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200Columbus: The Bicentennial

2012 was a big year: CERN found the Higgs Boson, Instagram was sold to Facebook for a cool $1B, and The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises have some of the largest openings ever (both great movies, by the way). In an agency responsible for branding a city of 2M+ people, 2012 meant one thing: The Columbus Bicentennial.

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Columbus Museum of Art

To correspond with the re-opening of the museum after a major expansion project, the Columbus Museum of Art came to Fahlgren Mortine to completely rebuild their site. It was an ambitious project, but our efforts paid off; the new Columbus Museum of Art website was awarded a Silver ADDY at the 2011 Columbus ADDY awards.

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