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200Columbus: The Bicentennial

2012 was a big year: CERN found the Higgs Boson, Instagram was sold to Facebook for a cool $1B, and The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises have some of the largest openings ever (both great movies, by the way). In an agency responsible for branding a city of 2M+ people, 2012 meant one thing: The Columbus Bicentennial.

In mid-2011, we started building, a hub for all things Bicentennial, with me acting as lead developer. The site was built on top of WordPress and features a “Promoter Toolkit” containing logos, photos, video, and copy to use for promoting Bicentennial efforts. While the toolkit assets are free for anyone to use, the 200Columbus organizers wanted to be able to see who was using them (via a registration form). By setting a browser cookie and using its contents to unique, trackable download URLs. also features what’s referred to internally as a “component API”, which allows partner sites to load portions of into their sites (mostly used on, which is maintained separately by Experience Columbus).


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