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Elmer’s Science Fair

Elmer’s products are practically synonymous with school projects, so the company positions themselves as the go-to resource for parents, teachers, and crafters. Their Facebook page is full of tutorials, ideas, and showcases of projects using Elmer’s products.

In late 2011 we began work on the Elmer’s Science Fair Facebook application. The app allowed Facebook users who had liked the Elmer’s page to submit photos, either through direct upload or from their Facebook albums, of their children’s science fair projects for the chance to win a trip to Washington D.C.

The contest entries needed to be moderated, so I built an administration interface using the CodeIgniter application framework. The application allowed administrators to manage users (with two access levels), approve user submissions, and edit entry information if necessary. The CodeIgniter app also generated JSON feeds for the front page of the Facebook app, which highlighted recently submitted/approved photos.


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