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Columbus Museum of Art

To correspond with the re-opening of the museum after a major expansion project, the Columbus Museum of Art came to Fahlgren Mortine to completely rebuild their site. It was an ambitious project, but our efforts paid off; the new Columbus Museum of Art website was awarded a Silver ADDY at the 2011 Columbus ADDY awards.

The site was based around the idea of five “user personas” – Art Enthusiast, First Time Visitor, Student, Teacher, and Family – and tailoring content to the possible interests of those users. Upon selecting a persona in the primary navigation, the user was cookied and taken to a landing page highlighting points of interest for that particular user. Throughout the site, a portion of the footer would change based on the value of that cookie to better match content to users.

One of my favorite components of the project was the “week at-a-glance” widget in the events section. While not overly complicated to build, it on hover it produced a nice summary of the week’s events based on the types (Adults, Families, Teachers, Everyone) of events taking place that week.

I served as lead developer on the project, responsible for a good portion of the front-end, implementation within the GRIPelements CMS, and general wrangling of the three separate databases from which content was being pulled.


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