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Goodbye, Buckeye.

Today is my last day as a developer at Buckeye Interactive.

Beginning November 17th, I’ll be joining the team at 10up as a Senior Web Engineer. That’s after a week of recharging the mental batteries, then four days in Washington, D.C. for php[world]. I’m excited to be joining one of the top WordPress development teams in the world, taking on new clients and new challenges.

I’ve enjoyed my time at Buckeye tremendously, and consider myself very close my friends here. I’ll look back fondly on our times in Austin for SXSW, the Breaking Bad screenings, the team lunches, and all the other experience we’ve shared. Buckeye Interactive is a team full of great, talented people and I’m honored to have spent the last ~2 years as a member of their ranks.

Whiteboard art by Tony Todoroff, with a zombie wishing me a Happy Halloween and good luck

Whiteboard art by Tony Todoroff

Oh, and in case you were unaware, Tony’s whiteboard drawings are fantastic.

Happy Halloween!


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