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Petition The People

Built for the second annual National Day of Civic Hacking, Petition The People leverages the We The People Write API to collect signatures on WTP petitions. Petition The People makes it easy to collect signatures while canvassing or at events, and is built responsively so it looks as great on a phone or tablet as it does the desktop.

The app is targeted at advocacy groups and organizations who might want to draw attention to more than one issue at a time, so organizations are able to create what I named “Campaigns,” consisting of one or more petition. Each campaign has its own unique URL, and users are presented with the body of each petition. After selecting at least one of the campaign’s petitions to sign, a single signature form is presented. This enables a user to sign multiple petitions at once, rather than manually entering their information across several petitions.

The application is built on Laravel, with the front-end built using Zurb Foundation (I’m usually not a fan of front-end frameworks, but Foundation > Bootstrap and there was not a designer attached to the application). The logo was provided by Tony Todoroff (and may or may not have been a subtle reference to HBO’s Silicon Valley).

At this time the We The People Write API is still in a closed beta, so only test data is available for the application. Once the API is public, Petition The People will be available to the general public (and is already available on GitHub).


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