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WPSessions Presents WordSesh

Platform Plugin Development @ WordSesh 2021

I first met Brian Richards of WPSessions at WordCamp Grand Rapids 2014, and a hallway track conversation with him, Chris Klosowski, Topher + Cate DeRosia, and a handful of others actually helped me make the decision to embrace remote working, which led me to joining 10up that fall.

Beyond having a profound impact on my personal career, Brian and WPSessions also put on the free WordSesh conference, a virtual event with some of the biggest names in WordPress, and this year I’m fortunate to count myself among their ranks for WordSesh 2021!

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WordCamp Northeast Ohio Region

Platform Plugin Development @ WordCamp NEO 2021

It’s been a wild year since my last talk (the keynote at this very conference), and while the whole virtual conference scene is very different than the talks that I’m used to, I couldn’t sit out on one of my favorite WordCamps.

That’s right, folks — for the first time in a year, I’m dusting off the ol’ slide tools and giving a brand new talk at WordCamp NEO 2021!

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