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Lightning Talk at WordCamp Grand Rapids 2018

I’ve written in the past about my love for WordCamp Grand Rapids, and I’m excited to announce I’ll be returning this year for WordCamp Grand Rapids 2018 on Saturday, June 30! Even better, I’ll be joining two of my colleagues — Chris Lema and Andrew Norcross — as Liquid Web (apparently) takes over the conference!

The theme for WordCamp Grand Rapids 2018 is around tools and services (an area I’m particularly passionate about), so I’m especially excited. This year, I’ll also be giving my first-ever lightning talk, Up and Running with WP-CLI:

Traditionally, interacting with WordPress is largely a graphical affair: many users rely on WP Admin to manage themes, plugins, content, and everything else. For situations where you need to be able to script WordPress interactions, however, nothing compares to the power of WP-CLI, the official command line interface for WordPress.

This session acts as a primer for WP-CLI, scratching the surface of what can be done and how it fits into the WordPress workflow. Whether you’ve never heard of WP-CLI or have been using it as part of your daily WordPress rituals, you’re sure to learn at least a few useful tricks.

If you’ve caught my Writing WP-CLI Commands That Work! talk before, this talk may seem familiar. Rather than diving in deep with what goes into building WP-CLI commands, this talk serves as more of a “look at all of this great stuff you can do out of the box!”-type overview. Considering Dwayne McDaniel likened my longer WP-CLI talk to “drinking from a firehose”, this version should be a bit more accessible to developers and power-users alike.


A recording from this lightning talk is available on

Event details

WordCamp Grand Rapids
GVSU Pew Campus, Building E
401 Fulton St. W
Grand Rapids, MI 49504 June 30, 2018

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