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Seicon Limited

Seicon Limited is an engineering company in Central Ohio that specializes in vibration and shock control. Perhaps best known for its vibration-reducing ØVIB Washer Stand, Seicon also offers a similar product for HVAC installation. Buckeye Interactive has been maintaining the various Seicon sites (,, and for years, but in 2014 Seicon made the decision to combine its sites into a single, cohesive experience and offer a single store for all of its products.

At its core, is WordPress, using WooCommerce for its e-commerce functionality. Custom post types are used for both testimonials as well as frequently-asked questions, making it easy the client to control these two elements of the site. As usual, the hero carousel at the top of the homepage is controlled via an Advanced Custom Fields repeater, making it as frictionless as possible to change on a whim.


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