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Join us for WooSesh: October 9 and 10

WooCommerce Custom Orders Table @ WooSesh 2019

As you may or may not be aware, one of the many projects I maintain at work is the WooCommerce Custom Orders Table plugin. The plugin takes all of the individual post meta entries that come along with most every order — billing and shipping addresses, order totals, and way more — and stores them in a flat database table, optimized for performance.

The WooCommerce Custom Orders Table plugin has been crucial on some of our bigger stores at Liquid Web, but one does not simply change how WooCommerce stores order data without being very careful and deliberate. That’s why I’m pleased that Brian and Patrick at WooSesh reached out and asked if I could talk all about it!

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Writing WooCommerce Extensions with Confidence

If you haven’t heard, Liquid Web is now the first company offering Managed WooCommerce hosting, which is a huge step forward in the world of WordPress-oriented e-commerce. As a result, I’ve been spending a lot of time over the last few weeks working on WooCommerce extensions that help improve the experience and performance of WooCommerce.

One of the main WooCommerce extensions I’ve been working on is WooCommerce Custom Orders Table, which takes the WooCommerce 3.x CRUD concept to its next logical point: storing order data in a custom, flat table instead of scattered throughout post meta. Mindsize worked with other members of my team at Liquid Web to build the initial version of the plugin, then I came in to fix a few bugs.

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Seicon Limited

Seicon Limited is an engineering company in Central Ohio that specializes in vibration and shock control. Perhaps best known for its vibration-reducing ØVIB Washer Stand, Seicon also offers a similar product for HVAC installation. Buckeye Interactive has been maintaining the various Seicon sites (,, and for years, but in 2014 Seicon made the decision to combine its sites into a single, cohesive experience and offer a single store for all of its products.

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Quick Tip: Restrict a WooCommerce Shipping Method to the Contiguous United States

Right now at work I’m working on moving a site from WP eCommerce to WooCommerce and encountered an interesting request: the site offers free shipping but only to the lower 48 United States. That means no free shipping for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc.

Out of the box WooCommerce supports country-based filtering (e.g. allow free shipping to the United States but not Canada) but to get into more specific restrictions you’d have to start messing with shipping tables or buying the Advanced Shipping Rates plugin which, although I’ve heard good things, will set you back $200.

Fortunately I was able to put together a code snippet that will remove a shipping method (in this case, free shipping) for restricted states. It consists of two parts: a class that extends the WooCommerce core shipping class (WC_Shipping_Free_Shipping for this example) and a filter that tells WooCommerce to use our class rather than the core shipping class it extend Post has been updated to work with newer versions of WooCommerce.

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