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Please Steal These Ideas

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post with an idea for a “Be Your Own Barista” bar at coffee shops and hotels. I don’t know whether or not anyone picked it up and ran with it or not (if so, please let me know!), but thought process behind that post was essentially “hey, I have an idea but no means/interest in taking it to fruition.”

Today, I have a personal Trello board filled with ideas. A lot of them are potential software libraries or products, but I occasionally dip outside of the realm of programming.

The problem is that I don’t have time to do them all.

I work full-time, do a bit of consulting work, maintain several open-source projects, speak at conferences, and occasionally blog. All of that is on top of raising a precocious 4 year old with my wife.

Ideas without a plan

I’m of the mindset that an idea without plans nor intentions aren’t worth much, but there are people out there with plenty of time and know-how but lacking the right idea.

That’s why I’d like to give these ideas away.

All this week, I’ll be publishing blog posts outlining some ideas that I’ve had but don’t have the time or intent to develop further. I’ll also be tweeting them out using the hashtag #StealThisIdea.

Some of the ideas have some potential, but others may be terrible (that’s kind of the nature of ideas); I make no guarantees as to the viability of any of these ideas, but if you’re looking for your next project, they may be worth a look.

Wait, so these ideas are free?

Yes, these ideas are free for anyone to take and run with. If something calls out to you and you have the time, willingness, and/or resources to implement them, please feel free.

I’d love to hear about them if/when they come to fruition, however! Drop a comment here, contact me in other ways, or invite me to the yacht party you’ll be throwing when the idea ends up making you rich.

I’ll also be posting additional ideas using the “Steal This Idea” tag on my blog.


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