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Stylized photo of an analog bathroom scale

Yet More on Weight Loss

Today marks one year since I sat down, decided I was unhappy with my body, and started taking steps to actively lose weight. Years of “oh, I’ll offset X with a salad tomorrow” had proven that approach ineffective, and with my daughter on the way, I decided it was time to stop being passive about my efforts.

I started tracking my meals and activity on MyFitnessPal; after a month or so (and weighing in at 12lbs less than when I started), I wrote a blog post, On Weight Loss, about what I had learned in the first month. It was an extremely personal post for me, but it also helped to keep me accountable throughout the rest of the year. I also received a lot of great words of encouragement, both on the post and through other channels, from both friends and total strangers alike.

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Stylized photo of an analog bathroom scale

Even More on Weight Loss

It’s been a few months since I’ve written about my weight loss efforts, but I’m proud to report that the progress continues. As of this morning, I’ve lost 46 pounds since June 2015, and I may yet reach my goal of losing a total of 60 by the first of June this year.

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Walking Columbus

This past weekend, my Father-in-Law, Dave, and I set out on a journey: walk up High Street from where it intersects I-270 on the south side of Columbus (near Obetz) and finish in my hometown of Worthington, where 23 crosses 270 again on the north side. Grand total: 16.7 miles of conversation, good beer, and exploring the city I love.

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Weight room at Red Lion Denver Southeast Fitness Center

More on Weight Loss

About a month ago I wrote a very personal post on my attempts at weight loss, focusing on what was working for me and what kept me motivated. Sadly, shortly after publishing that post the pounds stopped slipping off so easily; in fact, I’m only down a few pounds from where I was a month ago (I’m not a superstitious person, but the proximity to me writing about how I haven’t plateaued and hitting a plateau is suspect).

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A man's feet on a scale where a sticky-note reads "Lose Weight Now"

On Weight Loss

The royal “They” always say “The secret to weight loss is diet and exercise,” then usually try to sell you a gym membership or talk to you about CrossFit. They’re not wrong, but it’s certainly a case of “easier said than done.” I don’t really enjoy exercising, so I decided to start on the diet part.

Several years ago some of my friends started using a calorie tracker app called MyFitnessPal, which they were using to log their daily caloric intake. I downloaded the app and played with it for a week or two, then promptly forgot about it. Recently, I tried revisiting MyFitnessPal to help lose some weight and have been quite satisfied with it.

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