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A row of old, brick buildings in Nashville, TN

Two Talks at php[tek] 2020 in Nashville, TN

Update: Unfortunately, php[tek] 2020 has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After a break during the first quarter of this year, I'm proud to announce my first talks have been scheduled for 2020. Even better, it's one of my favorite conferences, in a city I can't seem to get enough of: I'll be giving two talks at php[tek] 2020 in Nashville, TN.

Yes, that's right: php[tek] has moved to Music City itself, Nashville, Tennessee. I've been fortunate enough to visit Nashville several times in the past few years, and I'm thrilled to plan my return.

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A stylized, neon "Portland, Oregon" Old Town sign

Testing WordPress & Code Review @ Cascadia PHP 2019

Last year, I was fortunate enough to spend a week and a half on the West Coast, splitting time between Portland, OR and San Diego, CA for the first installments of two new community PHP conferences: Cascadia PHP and WavePHP.

Sadly, WavePHP isn’t happening this year, but I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be returning to Portland for Cascadia PHP 2019!

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The Ledyard Building in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Code Review @ Beer City Code 2019

Two years ago, I was fortunate enough to speak at Beer City Code for the first time. I’m pleased to announce that this summer I’ll be returning to one of the best cities for craft beer in the country: Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This year, I’ll be giving one of my favorite, most-actionable talks: Code Review: For Me & You.

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Looking out from the Smithsonian Natural Science museum on a foggy day

Speaking at php[world] 2018

php[world], held annually in the greater D.C. metro area, has long been one of my favorite conferences. It was my first non-WordCamp conference speaking engagement, and I’ve been lucky enough to speak at or attend all but one php[world] since it started in 2014.

This year, I’m fortunate to count myself among the speakers, giving two talks this November!

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A stylized, neon "Portland, Oregon" Old Town sign

Code Review: For Me & You at Cascadia PHP

I’m elated to announce that I’ll be giving Code Review: For Me & You at the first-ever Cascadia PHP in Portland, Oregon this September! This will be my first time out to Portland (strange, I know, considering my penchant for beards, craft beer, and coffee), and I can’t think of a better reason to visit than to talk about code review!

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Banner image from the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN) Labs' website

Code Review @ INN Labs Office Hours

Last weekend, I premiered my Code Review: For Me & You talk at WordCamp Dayton; while I was certainly pressed for time, I feel the talk went rather well. Unfortunately, the WordCamp Central-provided lavaliere mics weren’t working, so I was warned the morning of that while the sessions would still be recorded, the only audio input would be what was picked up by the on-camera microphone (in the back of the room).

On Twitter, Ben Keith — News Application Developer at the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN) — asked if there would be a publicly-posted recording, and I had to break the news that if the video makes it to the audio will likely be subpar. Ben then invited me to give the talk at one of their upcoming INN Office Hours, which just so happens to be this week!

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Code Review for Me & You @ WordCamp Dayton 2018

While the camp didn’t come together last year, I’ve spoken at the last three WordCamp Dayton conferences and am happy to be returning this year! I’ll be giving a new talk, Code Review: For Me & You, at WordCamp Dayton 2018!

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