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Taking the Web Offline @ SunshinePHP 2016

This February I’ll be getting out of Ohio (though admittedly it’s been a rather mild winter thus far) and make my way down to SunshinePHP in sunny Miami, Florida!

The internet is an amazing tool for sharing information with users all over the world, but what happens when “online” isn’t a guarantee? This was the question posed after 10up built an web-based product catalog for one of the world’s leading water technology providers. With a sales team of hundreds, how could we be sure that the sales materials were always available to the sales team, regardless of internet connectivity?

This session is a case-study on taking a web application offline, synchronizing JSON data and assets while maintaining a consistent user experience. Attendees will gain insight on the unique challenges of taking an app offline, as well as the technologies available and strategies for keeping data intact and the user experience seamless.

This will be my first time speaking at SunshinePHP (or in Miami), so please come out, ditch the winter coats for some t-shirts, and learn how you can take your web experiences offline.

Event details

Embassy Suites Miami International
3974 NW South River Drive
Miami, Florida 33142 February 6, 2016

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