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[RESCHEDULED] Writing WP-CLI Commands That Work! at LoopConf 2016

LoopConf has been rescheduled thanks to Hurricane Matthew

Thanks to some late changes to the schedule, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be speaking this October at the second-ever LoopConf in sunny Fort Lauderdale, FL!

The focus of my talk will be “Writing WP-CLI Commands That Work!”, which I’ve previously given at WordCamps Dayton and Columbus earlier this year. As such, slides are available on GitHub.

WP-CLI is a great tool when you don’t need a fancy UI, need to write scripts to perform regular maintenance, or to provide deeper functionality to your awesome plugin. Like WordPress, it’s free, open source, and far more powerful than some people give it credit for.

This session covers the components necessary to write great WP-CLI scripts; from structure to execution, arguments to output, attendees should leave the session with everything they need to know to implement WP-CLI commands in their next project.

I missed out on LoopConf last year, so I’m excited to get to attend – and speak at – a conference full of so many talented people.

Event details

321 N Ft Lauderdale Beach
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 October 7, 2016

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