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Laravel Authentication and Permissions Made Easy at Columbus Code Camp

D.R.Y., or “Don’t Repeat Yourself” is a cornerstone of modern application development, yet many developers spend the first few hours of each new project building the same user authentication and permission systems over and over again. Usually, little to nothing changes between these systems, yet thousands of development hours are wasted each year re-implementing the same basic mouse trap. For Laravel developers, there’s a better way: the authentication and permission dynamic duo of Confide and Entrust.

In this developer session, attendees will learn how to implement the highly-configurable Confide authentication solution in a fresh Laravel app, while using Entrust to architect a robust role- and capability-based permission system. The talk will cover installation, configuration, and usage of both packages as well as strategies for handling complicated permission requirements.

Now, stop repeating yourself and focus on building what makes your application unique!

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Event details

Columbus Code Camp
1275 Kinnear Rd
Columbus, OH 43212 October 11, 2014

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