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Continuous Integration and Delivery @ Cincy Deliver

I recently subscribed to Karl Hughes’ excellent CFP Land newsletter, which has exposed me to a ton of new conference speaking opportunities. Among them, Cincy Deliver (previously Cincy.Develop() and Cincinnati Day of Agile) just a couple hours south!

On a whim, I submitted a few talks, and I’m proud to announce that I’ll be giving a brand new talk, Build and Release Confidently with Continuous Integration and Delivery, at Cincy Deliver 2019!

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are the Holy Grail for software development teams: no matter who pushes the feature, the same tests are run, the same processes are followed, and nothing gets released without satisfying well-defined quality standards.

Unfortunately, setting up that initial CI/CD workflow can be a bit daunting for teams that don’t have an experienced DevOps engineer.

Fear not, my dear developers! This talk breaks down the basic concepts of continuous integration, continuous delivery, and how to integrate them into your team’s workflow. Whether you’re working on a small side project or your next big idea, CI and CD can make the journey better.

For this talk, we’ll be using GitLab’s (free) CI/CD pipelines, but the principles translate well to any major CI/CD platform!

As I mentioned earlier, this is a brand new talk but it’s an area of development that I’ve really been getting into over the past few years, so I’m really excited to share what I’ve learned!

If you’re anywhere near Cincinnati, Cincy Deliver 2019 is shaping up to be a great, affordable conference — tickets are available now!

Event details

Cincy Deliver 2019
Manor House
7440 Mason Montgomery Rd
Mason, OH 45040 July 26, 2019

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