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Quick Tip: Google Publisher Console

My Engineering Manager, Ivan Lopez, turned me on to the Google Publisher Console last week, which gives you a nice way to debug Google DFP ad placements.

It’s simple to use, simply ad ?google_force_console to a URL that’s using DFP and Google will automatically load a nice inspector to see what data is being used to generate the ads on a site.

Rather than having to manually add this query argument to a page, I went ahead and wrote a quick WordPress plugin to do it for me. The plugin is simple: after you install it and activate it, a “Google Ad Console” button will be added to the WordPress Admin Bar when you’re logged into your site (the link only appears on the front-end of your site, as you’re probably not running ads in wp-admin). Click it once, and the current page is reloaded with ?google_force_console in the URL. Click it again, and it’s gone.

The plugin is currently available for download through If you’d like to contribute, development of the plugin happens on GitHub.


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