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Preparing for your Annual Review

The annual review can be a sink-or-swim moment for many employees, but I've seen far too many people – myself included – let a good opportunity to talk about growth and trajectory pass them by when review time finally comes. The review can and should be a time to reflect on your successes, reinforce learning from mistakes, and set goals for your future at the company.

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Two Talks @ Northeast PHP 2016

Continuing my streak of double conference talks, I’ll be giving two this August at Northeast PHP in Charlottetown, PE (Canada). Not only will this be my first time speaking at Northeast PHP, this will be my first international conference!

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Two Talks @ WordCamp NEO

Word came in last night that I’ve had two talks accepted for WordCamp NEO (Northeast Ohio, formerly North Canton): Accelerating the Mobile Web with AMP and Professional Development for Professional Developers.

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Two New Talks @ php[tek] 2016

This May, I’ll be presenting two brand new talks at php[tek] in St. Louis. This will be my first time speaking at php[tek], so I’m extremely excited to get to present two brand new talks: Professional Development, Professional Developers and Building for the PHP Command Line Interface!

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