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Laravel Application Environments without Hostnames

Forgive me if this is old news, but hostname-based environment switching isn’t as nice as it could be; I like using *.dev for my development environments, but other people I know like  *.development, *.local, etc. The truth of it is the more developers you have working on a project the higher chance you run of the application being run at a variety of hostnames, mucking up your bootstrap/start.php file.

Fortunately, Laravel doesn’t force us into using hostname-based environment switching. At work we’ve developed this little workflow, and it seems to be working really well.

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Kid Turn In

Before taking a family trip to Disney World in the spring of 2013 with his daughter and nephews, Buckeye Interactive President Brad Griffith prototyped a quick application called Kid Turn In. With the application he would print a temporary tattoo with a QR code that, upon being scanned, would send an alert with the scanner’s location to the adults on the trip. These tattoos were applied to the children in the hopes that if they were to be separated from the group a good samaritan would scan the tattoo (the kids had been instructed to point out the tattoo if they got lost) and the parents would be more quickly reunited with the little one.

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