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A wall filled with cans of spam.

Spam Warning: Search Engine Registration

I promise I’m not turning this blog into a list of all the spam I get, but registering that domain for the non-profit my Grandma helped start has opened my eyes to all sorts of shady services preying on first-time registrants. Here’s another example I received just this morning, warning me to “Complete Search Engine Registration” for my domain.

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A wall filled with cans of spam.

Spam Warning: New Domain Registrations

Recently I registered a domain name on behalf of a non-profit organization my Grandmother has been involved with over the last decade. I used the organization for all of the registrant contact information except for the email address (which I didn’t have), so I set it to a specific account on my own domain.

Within an hour of registering the domain name, that inbox started receiving a steady stream of emails congratulating me on registering and offering web design, development, and SEO services.

At first I assumed this was just someone desperate for business who thought to watch public registries for new domains; annoying, but not dangerous. As more and more emails came in, I realized this isn’t just spam but a good phishing (e.g. pretend to be a legitimate company in order to steal your money) scheme as well.

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