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Decouple Your Application Code with the Adapter Pattern

The last few months at work I’ve been deep in a refactoring project, cleaning up over twenty years of technical debt. It’s been a massive undertaking, but it’s rewarding work when I’m finally able to remove code that’s been hanging out well-past its expiration date.

One of the patterns that’s come in extremely handy is the Adapter Pattern, which lets me decouple application code from the underlying libraries that we use. This post will discuss how the Adapter Pattern works (with coffee-themed examples, as I tend to do), then demonstrate how it can help with refactoring.

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WordPress Plugins: Procedural or OOP?

As you may be aware, I have a profile on PHP Mentoring and am currently working with a number of PHP developers looking to grow their skills and kick-start their careers. Last week, I received an interesting question through the site, and half-way into writing my response I realized it would make a useful blog post: when writing a WordPress plugin, should I be using procedural or object-oriented programming?

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