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Cloud Gate (a.k.a. "The Bean"), surrounded by tourists in Chicago, IL.

Two Talks at php[tek] 2024

I’m way behind on posting about this, but php[tek] 2024 is just around the corner this April in Chicago. I’ll be giving two talks this year, and have a referral code that will save you $50 on your ticket!

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An aerial view of the Minneapolis, Minnesota skyline

Two Talks at Midwest PHP 2019

I’ve been fortunate enough to speak at most of the community PHP conferences across the continental United States (that can pay for travel, anyway), with one notable exception: Midwest PHP. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that list will be one shorter this March, as I’ll be giving two talks at Midwest PHP 2019!

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Speaking (and eating hot chicken) at Southeast PHP

Last summer, Matt Trask took me to get my first taste of Nashville hot chicken at Hattie B’s. I was in Nashville for Music City Code, and Matt wanted to pick my brain about conferences: the good, the bad, and the…not so good. He revealed that he and some of the other members of the Nashville PHP community were in the early stages of planning a new conference: Southeast PHP.

Now, almost a year later, I’m proud to announce that I’ll be speaking at the inaugural Southeast PHP this August in Nashville, TN!

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The Atlanta skyline, taken from the Jackson Street Bridge.

I’ll be Speaking at php[tek] 2018!

I’m not shy about telling people that php[tek] and php[world] are two of my absolute favorite conferences. Both are organized as collaborations between php[architect] and One For All Events, and play host to some of the biggest names in the PHP ecosystem. That’s why I’m ecstatic to announce that I’ll be giving two talks at php[tek] 2018!

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Building for the PHP Command Line Interface @ Music City Code

I always love experiencing a new (to me) conference in a new city, so I’m ecstatic to announce that I’ve been accepted to give Building for the PHP Command Line Interface at Music City Code in Nashville, TN.

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Building for the PHP Command Line Interface @ CodeMash 2017

From the day I began speaking at conferences, I’ve joked that CodeMash is my “white whale”; a seemingly unobtainable speaking position, as the conference attracts some of the brightest developers not just in Ohio, but from all over the world.

I attended my first CodeMash in January of 2013 at the recommendation of my mentor, Matt Jones. I had just started at Buckeye Interactive, and I was ready to soak in as much knowledge as possible. Over subsequent years, CodeMash has become the gold standard of what I feel a multi-disciplinary conference should be, and this year I finally get my chance to speak.

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Building for the PHP Command Line Interface @ Nomad PHP

On my way to #10upSummit, Mr. Cal Evans reached out and asked if I’d be interested in giving my “Building for the PHP Command Line Interface” talk at December’s Nomad PHP (EU Chapter) Meetup. “Me?”, I asked, “giving a talk to an international audience?” Yes, please!

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Ron Burgundy and the Channel 4 News Team (from the film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy) jumping into the air

Cropping and Resizing Animated Gifs with Gifsicle

I recently had an interesting request on a client project: how can we resize animated gifs without losing the animation in the thumbnails? WordPress lets you upload animated gifs, but as soon as it resizes them the thumbnails are decidedly less animated. As a purveyor of fine, animated gifs, I can tell you that an animated gif with no animation is no gif worth having!

Fortunately, there’s a free, open-source library called Gifsicle designed to manipulate animated gifs. The fun part is using Gifsicle to resize your gifs for you, automatically.

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Building for the PHP Command Line Interface @ Columbus PHP

Ahead of officially premiering “Building for the PHP Command Line Interface” at php[tek] 2016, I’ll be doing a trial run at the local Columbus PHP meetup group this month..

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Two New Talks @ php[tek] 2016

This May, I’ll be presenting two brand new talks at php[tek] in St. Louis. This will be my first time speaking at php[tek], so I’m extremely excited to get to present two brand new talks: Professional Development, Professional Developers and Building for the PHP Command Line Interface!

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