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Growing a Mustache for Men’s Health

This November I’ll be participating in Movember with my co-workers at Buckeye Interactive. Movember is a 30-day event where men grow mustaches in order to raise awareness of and money for men’s health issues, namely prostate and testicular cancers – you can think of it kind of like a 5k cancer run but on men’s upper-lips.

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National Day of Civic Hacking at the White House

This past weekend I was invited to attend the second-ever hackathon at the White House as part of the National Day of Civic Hacking. The goal of the hackathon was to build cool applications and visualizations around the recently-released We The People API. As a result I built and released the We The People WordPress plugin, which enables WordPress users to easily embed petitions from We The People using shortcodes and widgets.

You can read all about my day at the White House on the Buckeye Interactive blog. The plugin source and my presentation from the hackathon are both available on Github.

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Notes from Build Responsively Workshop

The other week I attended the Build Responsively workshop, presented by Sparkbox out of Dayton, Ohio. The workshop was two full days of responsive web design evangelism and techniques. Being a geek in a room full of other geeks, I thought it would be cool to write my notes in Markdown, then put them in a gist so I could easily share them while updating them between sessions.

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