Below is just a small sampling of projects that I’ve worked on, but it’s by no means an exhaustive list. If you have any questions about the projects listed in my portfolio (or if you’re looking for help on a project of your own), please get in touch with me.

T-Pro Solutions

The homepage of T-Pro Solutions

At first glance, T-Pro Solutions is a pretty typical marketing site: hero carousel, big banner images on each page, and a whole mess of calls-to-action. There’s nothing wrong with a site like this, but they’re not always the most exciting to build. T-Pro’s site, however, has a little bit of magic under the hood that’s worth sharing.

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Petition The People

Petition The People

Built for the second annual National Day of Civic Hacking, Petition The People leverages the We The People Write API to collect signatures on WTP petitions. Petition The People makes it easy to collect signatures while canvassing or at events, and is built responsively so it looks as great on a phone or tablet as it does the desktop.

The app is targeted at advocacy groups and organizations who might want to draw attention to more than one issue at a time, so organizations are able to create what I named “Campaigns,” consisting of one or more petition. Each campaign has its own unique URL, and users are presented with the body of each petition. After selecting at least one of the campaign’s petitions to sign, a single signature form is presented. This enables a user to sign multiple petitions at once, rather than manually entering their information across several petitions.

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Kid Turn In

The homepage for Kid Turn In

Before taking a family trip to Disney World in the spring of 2013 with his daughter and nephews, Buckeye Interactive President Brad Griffith prototyped a quick application called Kid Turn In. With the application he would print a temporary tattoo with a QR code that, upon being scanned, would send an alert with the scanner’s location to the adults on the trip. These tattoos were applied to the children in the hopes that if they were to be separated from the group a good samaritan would scan the tattoo (the kids had been instructed to point out the tattoo if they got lost) and the parents would be more quickly reunited with the little one.

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We The People WordPress Plugin

We The People

In early 2013 the White House released an API for their We The People petition site. In the spring they announced the National Day of Civic Hacking, set for June 1, 2013, and to celebrate were accepting applications to attend a hackathon on the grounds of the White House. I submitted a proposal for a WordPress plugin to embed petitions via shortcodes and widgets. To my surprise my plugin was approved and I was invited to attend the hackathon in Washington D.C.

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Elmer’s Science Fair

Landing page for the Elmer's Science Fair Facebook application

The Elmer’s Science Fair Facebook application allowed Facebook users who had liked the Elmer’s page to submit photos, either through direct upload or from their Facebook albums, of their children’s science fair projects for the chance to win a trip to Washington D.C.

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200Columbus: The Bicentennial

200Columbus.com homepage in its expanded state

2012 was a big year: CERN found the Higgs Boson, Instagram was sold to Facebook for a cool $1B, and The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises have some of the largest openings ever (both great movies, by the way). In an agency responsible for branding a city of 2M+ people, 2012 meant one thing: The Columbus Bicentennial.

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Columbus Museum of Art

Columbus Museum of Art homepage

To correspond with the re-opening of the museum after a major expansion project, the Columbus Museum of Art came to Fahlgren Mortine to completely rebuild their site. It was an ambitious project, but our efforts paid off; the new Columbus Museum of Art website was awarded a Silver ADDY at the 2011 Columbus ADDY awards.

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DW’s Building Maintenance

Homepage for DW's Building Maintenance

DW’s Building Maintenance is a small, family-owned window and home cleaning business in Saginaw, MI. The site features client testimonials, an estimate request form, and a custom content management system.

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BG Gizmo

BG Gizmo homepage

BG Gizmo is a collection of four web applications – a community calendar, a media sharing platform, an online marketplace, and a classified advertising system – meant to encourage online participation and collaboration among businesses, groups, and individuals in Bowling Green, Ohio and surrounding areas.

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BG Reel Productions

BG Reel Productions' homepage

BG Reel Productions is a student organization for filmmakers at Bowling Green State University. As Vice President, founding member, and a web developer, I was in charge of creating a website for the organization capable of displaying student work, recruiting new members, and retaining existing members by connecting them to other student filmmakers.

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